Mobile blog attempt! on 'Blogger Droid'

Since I will also be featuring reviews of what I can get my hands on, I might as well try out blogging with apps on my Android phone, meanwhile reviewing the app, phone, and see how the blog will look like.

What's lacking in this app is the thin blogging lines available. The blog content line only expands as you type into the end of the space. If people didn't have a solid QWERTY keyboard like mine I would assume that they won't be able to see more than half the stuff they type, also another why I got this phone I'm using now.

Funnily enough, I could save the trouble and blog on my laptop, which is just in front of me, or just go on the But then again this blog is about everything.


BTW I have no idea how the picture uploaded is gonna turn out. If you can see it, it's a Santa made up completely of Lego pieces that was on display during the Christmas period.

Hope I can upload this properly. Until next time, peace.

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Henriette Kjelstrup said...

Sorry for late reply! Yeah, i had to book a limousine for our christmas ball, it's a tradition for the 10th graders :D