Self-introduction, and begin the photo blog.

As those of you who don't know, I'm Neo. I'm studying Graphics Design in college (not Uni), and is a keen on drawing and playing guitar. I'm originally from Hong Kong but I've lived in the UK for quite a few years now.

I'm currently 18, for those of you wondering.

The rest of interests are in the about me box. I think. I'm not gonna make the mistake of posting my novel on my blog like before, so I'm turning this into a picture/photo/update blog.

I recently cleaned out and organised my desk for a better workspace, and gave it a little Otaku touch. Come on, who buys awesome stuff on their holidays (holidays to home land, sadly) and not want to show it off, at least in their own room? Below is my current workstation and... where I spend most of my time after college really. For various reasons.

I only have my DC camera with me, so please excuse the bad picture quality!

My desk... which might turn back into a scrap yard in a matter of days.

A closer look at what's on the wall (at the moment). I want more stuff on as time pass, and get a wall shelf. And tile my wall up... Anyone a Haruhi fan here?

Wall otaku stuff + gig tickets.

Evangelion fans? Fans of the original series or movies or both, like myself? These are the movie explanation booklets thing, apparently only obtainable if you went to see the movies in Japan. I got it from the Hong Kong Anime Fest, each from the corresponding year that the movie was out. Evangelion 1.0 and 2.0. A closer look of the insides of these common yet precious booklets in future blog entries.

Pre-movie booklets! I love these. Reviews on them later.

My Nendroid Petit Kyon. He is sort of my desk mascot now. Gotta love his expression. Could you tell what's behind him...?

Nendroid Kyon is looking at you! Or is he...

Last shot of today. A show of the dying man pen-holder that I got as a present last year. Awesome pen-holder if you ask me. Only that the graphics tablet pen is a bit too big for a steady hold. Still...

So, think you know more about me after seeing some of these photos? More blogging to come in the future. stay tuned.

God bless,


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