More random rants - February.

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So February is here. Sorry I didn't get to post in January. Well, frankly because nothing much was going on.

Neither is the recently-begun February though. But I thought I could take this chance and rant about life and Valentine's day.
A project from last year's work. In case you were wondering, it's a movie count thing, with 1 in the top left, and 4 in the top right. You work out the 2 and 3.

Yes, I'll be spending it alone (from the looks of it). I hold no personal grudge against this hallmark holiday, but it's no big deal, just another day. Wish I was in Japan though as I would still be in high school and hence increasing the chance of receiving chocolate. Or am I getting some kinds of stereotypes wrong? It's just UK that's not big on exchanging. I'm proud to say though, I haven't spent all 18 Valentine's day alone in my life.

A poster work form the last project for a fictional tour of a band. I so wish Skillet would come to the UK though. This is a variation of my final project, which is inverted in black.

Anyway, it's all the same with life. College workload, on the other hand, is piling up like crazy. For ONE of my next assignments I'm gonna have to draw about 500+ frames of stills for animating a music video (part of). We're not required to do it in such a fashion, but I thought a proper anime-styled animation, hand-drawn frame by frame might spice things up, along with my portfolio for the future. Still, an enormous work amount for one person, where I have various other projects on the side.

Just a very small corner of the random-task-based-themed college work pile.
Still, I found time to draw my own things which sometimes, calms me. Here's some finished pieces and sketches.

Revised & heavily referenced pose sketch on your left, and original crap sketch on your right.

A recently finished piece, once that I surprisingly am pleased with.

Also, my friends and I got to talking about customising clothes. Not a big surprising thing, since everyone does it. But how does putting zippers(solely for appearance) on jeans and jackets sound? I was thinking ripping up jeans soles and sewing them together with zippers. Strange? Hmm....

Dying my hair (twice in the last month!!!) red didn't go well. As expected, red doesn't show great on natural black hair. Sad thing is, I've dyed my hair a lighter colour before by myself and it turned out fine, and the same dye I've used in the last month worked on another naturally black-haired friend of mine perfectly! Guess it's just not meant to be. But strangely, when not under bright Sun, my hair does seem a bit purple-ish now.

Although no match to OSX and the Mac awesome-looking hardwares,  with a bit of a push, Windows can flare too.

Anyone into Windows skinning or customising? I'm a keen Rainmeter user myself, and changes layouts and skins and wallpaper on a more than twice a week basis. I know, but I like turning on the laptop to something new every week at the least.

So drop by any comments on this lonely blog, and best of February to you all. Until then, peace.

God bless,


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